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9 Ways to Make Photoshop's Adjustment Layers Easier to Use

There are far more photographers – from the amateur to the professional – who have embraced the need to become adept at Photoshop than those who haven't. Once you have the...

Macro Photography Of Butterfly Wings Are Mesmerizingly Beautiful

Leave it to a biochemist to take what's in plain sight, and re-cast it in a way we've never seen before. This collection of butterfly wings are truly beautiful
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'One Dog Policy' - The Loneliness of Only {Pet} Children | Images by Maija Astikainen

Photographer Maija Astikainen is interested in anthropomorphism, or personifying the characteristics of a human onto an animal and photographing homes with only one dog.

Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Regulate Excessive Photoshop Use

The recently abundant outcry with excessive Photoshopping has lead lawmakers to stand up.

Wild Pets: Photographs of Skunks and Their Owners

Have you ever owned a pet skunk? These people love their wild pets, and two of our staff writers have owned these affectionate creatures as well.
The lunar eclipse over a bluebonnet field in Ennis, Texas on April 15, 2014.
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'Blood Moon' - Photographer Spends 7 Hours to Capture the Perfect Eclipse Shot

Photographer Mike Mezeul spent 7 hours to create this perfect composite of the lunar eclipse earlier this week.
Neil Snape SLR-1

{Being Inspired} Neil Snape: Beauty & Fashion Photographer

Keeping our creative mind alert and sharp is one of those unique challenges for all of us. This week we chat with Neil Snape to see how he stays inspired.

Quirky Meerkats Use Wildlife Photographer as a Handy Lookout Post

When UK based photographer Will Burrard-Lucas headed to Africa to shoot wildlife, he didn't expect to be used as an accessory himself.

Fuji Announces New Gear & Adobe Support Updates

Fuji makes some exciting new gear announcements as well as much welcomed Abode support updates.

A Heartstopping View From the Top: The Navy Seals Parachute into MLB Stadium

We’ve all seen the commercials. A group of heroic men are preparing themselves in the back of an aircraft to leap from the rear cargo doors. Dropping themselves into combat,...

The Art of a Sales Call - What to Say When Contacting a Potential Client

The art of the sales call: an essential lesson on what to say when contacting potential clients

Not Your Typical Food Porn | Maet by Per Johansen

Danish artist Per Johansen's collection "Maet" (English translation "full") depicts an assortment of grains, vegetables and meats stuffed into plastic containers.