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8 Tips to Confidently Book and Shoot Your First Wedding

With many years of experience under my belt, I absolutely love what I do and can happily approach weddings with confidence. But that wasn't always the case. Here are some key...
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The Business of Photography: How to Finalize the Sale

In the final step of 5 Easy Steps to Grow More Sales Now, learn the Do's and Don'ts of finalizing the sale.
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How Custom Mobile Apps Can Help Take Your Photography Business to the Next Level

It's important for us business owners to stand out in small ways and using Mobile Apps can be an amazing tool for promoting your brand.

Quitting Your Day Job Part 3: Six Tips For Successful Initial Client Meetings

My 6 tips for a successful meeting with potential wedding photography clients!

Don’t Get Caught In A Copyright Mess - Watch This Video

The murky waters of photography copyright law is filtered here open your eyes to things you may not know, and correct things you thought you did.

Gunning For Attention | A Promo Mailer That Will Get Noticed & Land Jobs

You can't afford to be ambivalent or to stagnate. See how one photographer is reaching out to land work, with great success.

3 Simple Ways To Get More Referrals This Month

Do you want to save thousands of dollars every year in your business and get more referrals this month?
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The Business of Photography: 5 Easy Steps To Grow Sales Now {Part 2 - Steps 3 & 4}

Growing your photography business can difficult, start making life easier with these 5 easy to follow and easy to use steps {Part 2 - Steps 3 & 4}.
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The Business of Photography: 5 Easy Steps To Grow Sales Now {Part 1}

Learn how to grow your photography business with 5 Easy Steps in this article

{Quitting the Day Job} Tips for Aspiring Freelance Photographers

Turning pro as a photographer and leaving behind a corporate career is a dream for many. Here are some tips for aspiring freelance photographers to help you transition from the...

Headshots And Tacos, Everyone's Mobile Photography Dream On Wheels

May I please get two tacos, a small drink, and a headshot on the side? That's what you would think when you hear the words, Headshot Truck, but this new mobile vendor catering...
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How Social Media Can Impact SEO | What Makes Google Tick?

The time you spend on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels is valuable. Check out these 3 ways to maximize the potential.