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Erik Almas - Trondheim Torg Shopping Mall Campaign

Marketing & Branding Advice From Erik Almas

Do you create great work? Good for you, so does a sea of other photographers. How do you get the clients? This advice should give you an idea

Increase Revenue by Adding a Photobooth Service

As a photographer, by offering more products, you can increase the value of your studio. In this article, I want to show you a Photo Booth that is affordable, easy to use, and...

Make A Professional Impression With A Free Email Signature From Wisestamp

Being professional in even the smallest business practice is good for you and your clients. Having a professional looking email signature is an inexpensive/free way to do that...

Overcoming Fear & Selling Your Photography | Interview With Sue Bryce Part II

In this part two video, Sue Bryce shares with us her amazing insight and wisdom on how to master yourself, and also build a successful photography business.

Then and Now | 19 Professional Photographers Share Their Beginnings

I asked each of my peers to show some of their earliest work promising I would do the same. These are literally our first attempts at creating a "professional" image.

Pixbuf Releases Analytics Tool To Be Your Photography Analytics Source

Mange your image posts on the major social media platforms, and see what's working an what's not with Pixbuf and its new analytics tool

How One Photographer is Using 'Fake Weddings' To Market Her Business

Wedding photographer Callie Murray took the bridal show concept out of the horribly lit, trade show floor setting and gave it a creative twist.

20 Photographers Share the One Image That Represents Their Brand

What if you had to pick a single image to represent your company and brand? Which would you choose?

The Importance of Connecting With Your Clients| My Rainbow Babies Experience

This is my first article for SLR Lounge and I am excited to be a contributing writer! My first piece of advice? Get to know your clients! It could make the difference in the...

Photography Business Templates | The Key To Getting Your Life Back

Do you waste time trying to be in control of everything? Get control of yourself and your business by letting go. Here’s my magazine template example.

What Is a Pre-Wedding Photo Session, and Why Every Couple Should Consider One

Asian couples have a tradition of taking pre-wedding photos (completely different from engagement sessions). Here's why we should adopt this tradition and how you can break into...

Portbox | Model Mayhem Without The Sleaze & Low Quality ? Maybe. Hopefully.

Model Mayhem is a great idea that's severely lacking. Portbox is hoping to change that by offering a more professional solution for models and photographers to create.