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Valuable Lessons in Food Photography | Interview with Rob Andrew

Food photography is a very challenging genre, both technically and as a business. So when an interview with food photographer Rob Andrew comes up, it's worth watching.

The Costs of a Bridal Show For Photographers {Wedding Show 101- Part 1}

We had no idea what we were getting into but after this “wedding season,” we’ll be seven shows deep. Here’s what we've learned and here’s what you need to know if you...

How To Book Your First Paying Clients When You Don't Have a Wedding Portfolio

Breaking into this industry is difficult. Staying in it is even more difficult. My focus, over the course of several articles, will be to chronicle my adventure into the wedding...

Other Professionals React To The Absurd Request To Work For Free| #Saynotospec

Why is our work as creatives treated differently from any other business? Why do we as the creatives allow this to happen?

The 5 Things We Would Do Again As First Year Wedding Photographers

If you need a bit of first-year advice or want to compare 'war' stories, here are five things we’d do again, that we’ll keep doing year after year (we think), and that...

Canon Professional Services Testimonial

Because of how much I shoot, I needed an affordable and professional service that could keep up with me. Luckily I have Canon Professional Services (CPS).

Four Ways to Make Money As a Filmmaker

In the following video, Simon Cade of DSLR Guide, talks about getting started as a filmmaker and four different routes you can take to support yourself with filmmaking.
Jay_Cassario_photo_flash_drive_PPE6 - Evolving Physical Image Delivery | Discount For SLRL

While online galleries are continuing to improve and become the cheapest option for image delivery, there will always be something to be said about putting something physical in...

Increase Revenue by Adding a Photobooth Service

As a photographer, by offering more products, you can increase the value of your studio. In this article, I want to show you a Photo Booth that is affordable, easy to use, and...

Five Ways to Sell More Wedding Albums Without Being 'Too Salesy'

One of the biggest issues for many wedding and portrait photographers is the sales process.

JPEG Could Soon Be DRM Protected

JPEGS could soon fall under the umbrella of digital 'protection' afforded to music, movie, and books. Are you for or against this?

Pixifi - Software To Streamline Your Studio

When I started my photography business 4 years ago, learning how to keep track of everything was the biggest struggle.