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5 SEO Tips You Need To Know (That Others Don’t)

A little while ago SLR Lounge released the Photography SEO And Web Marketing E-Book. Here are 5 SEO tips which I picked up from this book that I thought were particularly...

5 Reasons Partnering With Your Direct Competitor May Be The Best Business Decision

In a time where separating yourself from your competition and standing out is more important than ever, thinking outside the box and trying new things can be crucial in doing...
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My #1 Piece of Advice to Experienced Photographers Trying to Grow Their Business

"Trevor, what advice you would give to someone trying to build up their photography business?" That's a question I hear about once a month. As I have reflected back over the...

SEO Primer | Understanding Search Engine Results

Good SEO starts with good Keyword Research. Not having keywords is like not having any goals or objectives. You can either aimlessly create content and hope and pray that...

Creativity Throwdown | Cities You Should Be In For Your Type Of Photography

Adobe mines data of millions of creatives countrywide to see what cities are the hubs for what types of creativity. See where your type of work is flourishing and act accordingly.

What Should Photographers Do About Other Vendors Taking Pictures During a Wedding?

You've likely heard about #WeddingPhotogate. Here's how to prevent it happening at a wedding you've been hired to photograph and what to do if it happens to you.
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Three Products That Will Set Your Photography Company Apart From The Rest

Laura and I are always looking for ways to set our photography company apart from everyone else. Recently, we have been working with 3 newer startups to provide our clients with...

6 Ways to Protect Your Photography Business from Scams

Scams and litigation are more prevalent than ever, and small business owners, including photographers, are falling victim daily it seems. I've compiled a list of 6 ways to...

AGREE | Removing The Headache Of Contracts & Payments For Photographers

This service could really save you lots of time, keep you easily on top of your client payments, produce beautiful contracts in minutes, and plus get grandfathered into a more...
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Three Basic Principles For Doing In-Person Sales

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a “wet behind the ears” beginner, making money with your camera can be a daunting task.

PayPal.Me | New Service Makes Getting Paid & Paying Easy, Safe, Personal

You've got to love the idea of getting paid easier, and being able to pay and keep track of everything easier. PayPal is giving this option to existing users worldwide....

Creating a BTS Video for Your Business and Brand | Dixie Dixon

A behind the scenes video can be an effective marketing tool for your business. Here are some tips on how to make one.