The Power of Networking | Photographing Olympic Athlete Jamie Baulch

The power of networking became more evident to photographer Antti Karppinen after an experience which connected him to one person, then to another, until eventually he found...

A Pro Fashion Shooter's Favorite Camera | Why Size & Softness Are Good

There's little room at the top, but Nigel Barker is in it. Here's his favorite camera for fashion, and why.

Understanding Exposure With The Exposure Triangle

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VSCO Is Giving Away A Free Film Pack For Lightroom

We're not sure how long this will last, but VSCO is giving away a free film emulation preset pack with two of the most popular presets

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From rangefinders to 35mm to DSLRs, take a trip through history at how cameras have evolved over time in these interesting GIFs.

Using Flash To Create Dramatic Images

Flash + Ambient Balancing for Dramatic Effect To understand how to balance for a dramatic effect, let’s quickly go over the basics of balancing for natural effect. In...

A Slow Motion Look at a B&W New York City Using the Freefly MIMIC

Testing out a prototype for Freefly system's new MIMIC, TIm Sessler and crew create a beautiful slow motion video of a black and white New York City.

Boy With Down Syndrome Learns to 'Fly' Thanks to Photographer Father

Ever since little William (Wil) Lawrence was a baby, he wanted to fly. And one day, Wil's father, Alan, made it happen.

Full Feature VS Manual Flashes | Lighting 101

Full Feature VS Manual Flashes When looking for a flash, one of the first things to consider is the type of flash, mainly if it’s full feature (FF) or manual (M). Each of...

'Strong Is The New Pretty' | A Series to Celebrate Girlhood

Kate T. Parker's "Strong Is The New Pretty," series celebrates girls "just as they are - loud, athletic, fearless, messy, joyous, frustrated."

James Oliver Connolly London Photographer is Making His Mark in the Industry.

James Oliver Connolly is a portrait and wedding photographer based in London. With just a few years of experience under his belt, he is quickly making a mark in the photography...

Understanding Flash Modifiers | Lighting 101

Understanding Modifiers In the world of modifiers, you don’t have to buy and try them all to see the results. By understanding the basics of light modification, you can...