Wollongong Lighthouse

Landscape Photographer Credits Photography to Help Him Beat Depression

"Depression had stripped my life of its color but looking through a lens was slowly painting it all back." William Patino shares his images and his photography journey.

Nat Geo Channel's Senior VP On How To Get A Client's Attention

It takes more than just having the skill. People need to know you exist, and you need to know what clients look for.

How To Control Light Quality | Lighting 101

For those of you who have been watching free samples of our groundbreaking Lighting 101 tutorial videos, specifically 5 Common Key Light Patterns and Flash + Ambient Balancing...

Sigma Releases Third Part of Their BTS Look At The Aizu Factory

Sigma has released the third part of their video series chronicling the operations at their Aizu factory.
The Art of the Second Shot

The Art of 'The Second Shot' | A Challenge for Wedding Photographers

'The Art of the Second Shot' is meant to help wedding photographers think outside the box.

Skate Girls of Kabul

Girls in Afghanistan are not allowed to ride bicycles, but they are allowed to skateboard. Photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson documents these inspirational girls in her photo...

‘Reflections from Uyuni’ – Stunning Timelapse Featuring The...

This 3-minute video with its sweeping views of this natural phenomenon will make you want to add Bolivia to your travel list.

Antarctica | Stunning Aerial Footage

Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy this stunning video giving you a tour of a vast, uninhabited land.

'Salty Girls' - An Inspirational Photo Series Featuring Women With Cystic Fibrosis

'Salty Girls' aims to show the bravery and beauty of women fighting cystic fibrosis and what it does to their bodies.

How To Shoot an Engagement Shoot Picnic Scene | Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

Every Frame A Story When you're on an engagement shoot you want your images to tell a story. In this shoot we're building a narrative around a picnic scene that our couple set...

Playing With Fire | Von Wong Demonstrates The Power of Today's Smartphone Cameras

Recently, Ben Von Wong was hired for another dream job - to create the "craziest photo" he could using fire. The caveat? He had to use an unreleased smartphone to do so.

Navarre, The Land of Light : A Stunning Timelapse Highlighting Sony Cameras

It's been a while since I highlighted a good timelapse video. So I figured that a lazy Sunday would be a great opportunity for you all to sit and really enjoy this one.