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James Oliver Connolly is a portrait and wedding photographer based in London. With just a few years of experience under his belt, he is quickly making a mark in the photography...

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Understanding Modifiers In the world of modifiers, you don’t have to buy and try them all to see the results. By understanding the basics of light modification, you can...

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Meerkat is desperate for your attention, and photographers who use it try to convince you too also. Here's why you shouldn't
Playing in Swing

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Adrian McDonald depicts his neighbor's children playing with abandon and utter joy in this gorgeous photo series.

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The Bolt VB-22 might look like something out of a 1930’s horror flick, but this medium strobe packs a monster of a punch.

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DEDPXL set out to do something that I have rarely seen, which is to take the viewer into the mind of a photographer and show us their process along with some special surprises.

PhotoFlex Closing Their Doors After 30 Years

This is not a practical joke. Photoflex, once a leader in lighting modifiers is closing for good after 30 years.

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Whether you're just starting in your photography career or are a seasoned professional, Cloud Spot is the best way a photographer can deliver and share their images.

Thor's Well: Long Exposures With The Sony A7II

One of my absolute favorite things to shoot in my free time is long exposures at the coast, especially the Oregon coast. You get a little bit of everything here, treacherous...