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What Happens When You Put Two Pit Bulls in a Photo Booth?

Question: When you put two pit bulls in a photo booth together, what do you get? Answer: Two adorable dogs kissing.

Yosemite HD II, A Stunning Culmination Of 2 Years Of Work

Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the continental US, and this timelapse was filmed throughout a 200+ mile backpacking experience through the area.

"No Seconds" Photos Of The Last Meals Of Death Row Inmates

An insightful and provocative series by acclaimed photographer Henry Hargreaves, who recreates last meals of various people on death row, just before execution. This is not your...

Beautiful & Haunting Timelapse Of The Aviation 'Boneyard'

Andrew Breese takes us behind the fence at AMARG, the Aviation 'Boneyard,' and delivers a time-lapse full of history and beauty in aviation.
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Learn From Joey L. in his 'Killing Lincoln' National Geographic Ad Campaign

Given the chance, most photographers I know enjoy taking a peek at their peers at work, and the gear they use to craft their images. Unless you are very fortunate, however, few...

Fundy Album Builder v6 - A Revolutionary Approach to Album Design

Fundy software has revolutionized my album design. No more blood, sweat and tears!

Elinchrom Announces Drool-Worthy ELC Pro HD High Speed Flashes

Elinchrom has just launched a new range of lust-worthy studio monolights. The new ELD Pro HD Compacts 500 and the 1000 model, are claimed by Elinchrom, to be the most complete...
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Don’t Sell, Solve - Working With Potential Wedding Photography Clients

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s been a rough month of time sucking, drive-by wedding photography price inquiries. Wedding photographers out there know what I’m talking...

Getty Overpays 9,000 Photographers: Wants Money Back

Getty Images and iStock Photo have overpaid some 9,000 of their contributing photographers. They now will garnish their wages for 6 months till the money is paid back, but offer...
Humpback whale, Vava'u, Tonga
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Creating Art with a Camera - Interview with Nature & Cultural Photographer Art Wolfe

Having published almost 90 books and videos teaching photography technique, his images on two U.S. Postage stamps, and hosted his own television series, renowned photographer,...

Baby Selfie App or How To Cull Your Friends List

'Baby Selfie' is a new app for Android, developed to intrigue your baby with sounds and images of animals so they interact with the device a take a selfie.

Create Your Own Ten Backdrop, Portable Studio - Sundance Film Festival Style

Photographing celebrities for the Sundance Film Festival - 4 Cameras, 5 Days, 10 Backgrounds, 281 Portraits