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Beautiful Sample Footage of New Samyang 50mm T/1.5 Paired With Canon 5D Mark III

Samyang officially announced their new 50mm F/1.4 photo and T/1.5 cinema lenses about a week ago. Today, we came across this beautiful sample footage captured when pairing the...

Oben 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Review

Looking for a lightweight, portable tripod for on-location shoots? The Oben AC-1321 3-Section Aluminum Tripod might be the right one for you. Check out our full review.

Sony To Go After Canon Cinema Line With New E-Mount 4K Camera & Lenses?

The success of Canon's cinema line, and their C100/300 cameras, has apparently caught the attention of Sony, at last according to the latest rumors.

Syrp Genie Timelapse & Video Motion Control Review

For the serious videographer or timelapse photographer, motion is critical in creating content that stands out from the crowd. The Syrp Genie is a robust, highly adaptable...

Canon Cuts 22 Lens Prices Permanently, Up To $1000 In Savings

Today, I was made aware that Canon has cut prices of a ton of their lenses, over 22 in total plus some accessories, some with as much a $1000 in savings!

Sony's A7s - a Low Light Beast With Serious Potential For Video Shooters

We talked about our thoughts on the Sony full frame system just a few weeks back on Gear Talk. Today, I wanted to share Caleb Pike's latest review, which is on Sony's latest...

Vello EXT-CME AF Extension Tube Set - Full Review

I am always looking for ways to get more out of my EOS-M than just for video like I normally use them for. I figured macro photography could be a fun way to play with these...

Zeiss Loxia Lens Images Leak Online Ahead of Rumoured Monday Announcement

We have been following this Zeiss Loxia rumor since it first surfaced a little over a week ago. It has been a fast moving rumor that quickly went from, there will be Loxia...

Canon Lens Announcements For Photokina Revealed!

We have a quite a bit of coverage on Canon and its plans to announce the long awaited and highly anticipated 7D replacement camera. But what else is up Canon's sleeve for...

Hot On The Heels Of Their New 50mm, It Seems Samyang Isn't Done Yet

If it feels like we just got done talking about a Samyang teaser, that is because we did. Just this past week Samyang announced their new 50mm F/1.4 and T/1.5 photo/cinema...

Shooting with the $165k Canon 1200mm Limited Edition Camera

What's it like to shoot with the extremely rare, extremely expensive and extremely large Canon 1200mm lens? See how it compares to other Canon lenses in a focal length comparison.

Deal Alert: EOS-M Kit With 22mm Lens Only $249

I just got done talking about how the EOS-M is the basis for my run-n-gun video kit, and what do you know, today we have a great EOS-M deal alert for you all. We don't normally...