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Five Items under $40 That Can Help Your Photography Workflow

When it comes to photography, we all have our little ways to make our workflow smoother. Here are five useful items under $40 that can help make your photography life easier.

Rokinon 16mm f/2 - Lens Field Test & Review

(Purchase the Rokinon 16mm f/2 at B&H for $479) (Click here to view a larger version!) The Rokinon 16mm f/2 is a very special lens because it is one of the first...
Phottix Strato II Multi Wireless Trigger

Trigger Your Lights Easily with the Phottix Strato II Multi Wireless Trigger - Gear Review

When it comes to wireless triggers that do not break the bank, we love the Phottix Strato II Multi. It has channels, groups, TTL-pass through, and most importantly, reliability....

Canon 70D RAW High ISO Field Test

The Canon 70D is currently taking the crop-sensor scene by storm.  Well, a small storm.  Okay maybe not a storm, but it's at least making waves! Most notably is the...

Camera Twisting? Try an Anti Twist Plate

Have you ever run into a problem with your camera twisting on your tripod, monopod or other mounting surface? It is an inherit issue due to your camera only being connected to...

Double Your Camera Holster Fun with Camera Slingers - Rapid Gear Review

A double camera strap is one of the best way to carry two DSLRs at the same time. In this review, we take a look at the Camera Slingers Freedom Double Strap.

Awesome and Affordable Royalty Free Music via The Music Bed - Rapid Gear Review

If you are looking for royalty-free music for wedding professionals, indie film makers, and so forth, the internet is a great resource. In this week’s Rapid Review, we will be...

FotoPro C5i Tripod Field Review

I have a confession to make:  I am addicted to tripods.  While most photographers out there probably view tripods as a boring accessory that they hate investing too much money...

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 EX DC Field Review

When this lens was announced, I did the biggest double-take I think I've ever done in my career as a photographer.  An f/1.8 zoom lens?  Tis madness, I tell you!  But no,...

Canon 16-35mm L II vs Tokina 16-28mm

Canon and their L series lenses have a great reputation as far as image and build quality pretty much across the board. Tokina has one of the best reputations among 3rd party...

Why you should get a Matte Box for your DSLR Video Setup

One of the biggest hurdles for DSLR filmmakers is that the general public assumes that you are taking stills, not recording video. There are a few products that you can buy to...

Prosumer Showdown: Nikon D7100 vs Canon 70D

Both Canon and Nikon now have their new Prosumer cameras on the market now, but which one takes the cake? The Nikon D7100 is Nikon's top of the line crop sensor body boasting...