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Lytro Adds Wireless Sharing Capabilities, Releases new iOS App

No doubt you have heard of the Lytro field cameras, released in e3arly 2012 these cameras claim to fame is that they allow you to choose the focus of your shot after you have...

A New Way to Light Meter!

Lumu is new light meter project on Kickstarter, and it looks to be very exciting. Lumu Labs has successfully tested their prototype light meter and are asking for additional...

Stream to the Web Directly from your DSLR with this new device

Looking to broadcast live to the web? Now you can do this straight from your camera with this nifty device from Teradek called VidiU that attaches straight to your DSLR and...

Amazon Deal Alert! 3TB External Storage Only $110

As we all know, being a photographer in this digital age can be quite consuming as far as data goes. Camera Manufacturers are packing more and more megapixels into our sensors...

Rumored Canon High Megapixel “3D” Body Sighted?

It has been rumored for a while now, a high megapixel canon body, and we may have just gotten our first look at it. Earlier today the Chinese website Weibo “leaked” images...
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ZOOM H6 Handheld Audio Recorder for DSLRs!

ZOOM has announced a great new handheld recorder that’s capable of recording 4 channels internally, and can extend to record 6 channels; in this way they’re advertising it...

Build Your Own 2-axis DIY MoVI Camera Gimbal for around $100?

The film world was changed (or so I hear) earlier this year when the MoVI was announce. The ability to get steady shots with minimal effort sent shockwaves throughout the film...
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Build Your Own SLR Camera from Scratch

Lomography's Konstruktor gives you the opportunity to easily build your very own 35mm SLR camera from scratch.

Create Beautiful Soft Light with this DIY LitePanel!

Diffusion panels are great ways to get beautiful soft light from almost any source. Commercial diffusion panels like the Photoflex LitePanels can be really expensive, $350 is...

Pricing on the Highly Anticipated Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Is Lower than...

Sigma rocked the photography world when it announced this 18-35mm F1.8 zoom lens. It is the first zoom lens ever to have a constant aperture of F1.8, and do to that pricing...
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Pentax Q7: World’s Smallest and Lightest Interchangeable Lens Camera

Pentax reinforces their mirror-less interchangeable lens brand with their new Q7 camera for $499. They tout that the camera is the smallest and lightest I-Lens body in the...

Samsung announces new Galaxy Zoom Smartphone/Point & Shoot Hybrid

Samsung Announces New Galaxy S4 Zoom, the smartphone that includes a 16 megapixel camera with a 10x zoom lens. This is basically the merging of two markets, the smartphone...