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Beginners Guide to Old Nikkor Lenses

One of the biggest reasons that I chose Nikon back when I was deciding what system to buy into was the fact that many of Nikons oldest lenses are still able to be used on new...

Sunday Rumor Mill: Sigma to bring new 135mm & 24mm lenses to market

Just this last week a rumored Sigma lens, the 18-35mm 1.8, turned out to be true. This weekend a few more rumors coming out of Sigma popped up, this time regarding a new 135mm...

Third Party D7100 Battery Grips on the Horizon

One of the first things I always buy after getting a new DSLR is a battery grip. I just like the extra heft that it gives my camera, and the extra battery power is nice as well....
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NAB 2013 : Tech and Hijinks From This Year’s Conference in Las Vegas

Some of the tech from this year's NAB conference in Las Vegas is likely to find its way onto your Christmas list. Take a look.

Sigma 1.8 Zoom Sample Images Hit the Web

Sigma made waves earlier this week with the announcement of the new Art 18-35 F1.8 zoom lens. This is making history as the first ever 1.8 Zoom lens ever mass produced for...

Crop Sensor Showdown: D7100 vs 7D

The Canon 7D is Canon’s top of the line Crop sensor body, the D7100 is Nikons new top of the line Crop Sensor body. 4 years separates these two models, the 7D is a known...
canon 5d mkiii firmware

Canon 5D Mark III Firmware Incoming April 30th to Include Clean HDMI and...

Canon’s 5D Mark III is set to be getting a nice upgrade in the coming weeks. It was announced back in October of 2012 that the new firmware was coming, but there was no news...

Sigma Pushing the Limits with Newly Confirmed 18-35 1.8 Lens

Rumors have been flying the last few days about a rumored Sigma 18-35mm with a constant aperture of F1.8. Many of us dismissed this as a pipe dream, Nikon and Canon don’t make...

New Nikon DSLR Bundle Deals Available at B&H

Nikon and B&H are offering some great bundled discounts running through April 27th. According to the press release you can save up to $550 when bundling a DSLR, Lens, and...

Dot Line “DLC” DL-0316 Flash Bracket Review

I recently traded in my studio lights for a speedlight based system. I have not been doing much studio work and they were literally sitting in my garage collecting dust. So, I...

Oldies But Goodies: Nikon 300mm F4 AF ED

Everyone loves to get latest new lenses, and for good reason – they feature the latest and greatest features and improve your chances of getting a quality image. But the thing...
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Speedlighter Gear Highlight: Interfit Strobies XS Bracket

Last week I highlighted the umbrella style softboxes for speedlights, today I wanted to highlight another great speedlight product that I use personally; The Interfit Strobies...