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Speedlighter Gear Highlight: Interfit Strobies XS Bracket

Last week I highlighted the umbrella style softboxes for speedlights, today I wanted to highlight another great speedlight product that I use personally; The Interfit Strobies...
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How to Upgrade RAM and Hard Drives on the Asus G75VW-DS73

In this video, we will demonstrate how to upgrade your hard drive and RAM in the Asus G75VW. One of the major benefits of the Asus "Republic of Gamers" line of machines is...

D600 vs 6D Epic Shootout Comparison Video

Canon or Nikon, Nikon or Canon, the age old question is just as prevalent today as it was in the 70s, 90s, and the early days of digital photography in the 2000’s. Whenever...

Gear Review: The Stylish and Secure InCase DSLR Pro Pack Backpack

The InCase DSLR Pro Pack is one of the more stylish camera backpacks available right now that happens to be one of the more secure backpacks because of its rear-access camera...

New Kodak P&S Announced

It was only just last year that Kodak announced that they would be phasing out and stopping production on all of their cameras. It seemed that the Kodak brand was all but done...

FX vs DX Showdown: D600 vs D7000

For today’s night cap I wanted to highlight this great video put together by the guys over at Digital Rev. In this video the team at Digital Rev pit the new D600 up against...

First Look at the Phantom Flex4k Camera – NAB 2013

One of the biggest camera announcements out of NAB 2013 so far has got to be the latest Phantom Flex4k camera. This baby can shoot at 4K up to 1000fps, if you shoot 4k and want...

Redrock Micro Announces New Motorized Parabolic Slider

More news out of NAB 2013 is that Redrock Micro has announced a new product called the One Man Crew. The OMC (One Man Crew) is a new motorized Parabolic slider designed to be...

Sony to go Toe to Toe with Canon

In case you have not heard, NAB is this week so get ready for a plethora of awesome video related camera/lens/accessory announcements. One of those such announcements was the...

Great Westcott Sale Prices Available While Supplies Last

F.J. Westcott has some great promotions going on right now on some of their light modifiers and Apollo Softbox accessories. Probably the biggest “Woah!” item is the 50”...

NAB Newsflash! Blackmagic Design to Release 4K RAW Camera for $4k and Pocket...

NAB Newsflash! Blackmagic Design is releasing a 4K Production Camera for $4k and a 1080P Pocket Cinema Camera for $995. Click the article for the specs!

Ikelite Announces New Underwater Housing for D7100

In case any of you out there have been holding off on getting a D7100 because there were not underwater housings available Ive got some great news for you. Ikelite has recently...