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vanguard Skyborne 51 external-2

Vanguard Skyborne 51 Photo Backpack - Field Review

The Vanguard Skyborne 51 is one of the larger photography backpacks we have reviewed here at SLR Lounge, and the second-biggest backpack in the Skyborne lineup of backpacks...

View EXIF Data Online with Google Chrome

Use this Google Chrome extension to view EXIF data for online images by just scrolling your mouse over the image.

New Cheaper Alternative to the Nikon SU-800 in the Debao SU-800

Say what you will about buying cheap knockoffs, but you cannot deny the cost savings that they allow over name brand products. The latest case of this is this new Chinese...

Duo: The Binary Camera Concept with an Interesting Twist

We roam a lonely road as photographers, almost always vacant from Family or Group pictures (since we are volunteered to take the pictures), we fly through life in memory only....

Tag ‘Em and Bag ‘Em: How to Protect Your Gear from Theft

How to protect yourself from photography gear theft and recover lost or stolen cameras and lenses.
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Ziphius: The Youtube Enabled Aquatic Drone

Sometimes you come across a thing that is just really cool, for me this was one of those things. Let me introduce you to the Ziphius, a remote controlled (via smartphone app)...

Buying Used Lenses 101

Being a low budget photographer means that I spend the majority of my budget on buying used lenses. For one I am simply not patient enough to save for months to afford a brand...

BeSteady poses serious competition for $15k Movi Stabilizer

BeSteady, a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilizer, is well on its way to hitting the market. This is great news for anyone who saw the MoVI stabilizer but cringed at the price. The...

Lightscoop Deluxe Bounce Flash

The Lightscoop Deluxe is a mirror that attaches to your camera in front of your pop-up flash and reflects the light from the flash off of the ceiling or a wall to give your...

Suffering From Canon Jealousy? Get your Nikkor Lenses Painted White!

I just came across this interesting story, apparently the Nikon repair center in Taiwan can restore and paint any Nikkor Lens. The guys over at Nikon Rumors recently got some...
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Great iPhone Apps for Analogue Film Photography

Check out these two great apps that can help catalogue film stills just like your digital images, as well as survive the darkroom developing experience.
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Leaked! Fuji’s Entry-Level X-M1 Interchangeable Mirrorless Camera!

Hot news! Images of Fuji's entry-level X-M1 interchangeable mirrorless camera have been leaked! Biggest news is the lack of a viewfinder and the presence of a tiltable LCD...