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Nifty iPhone Tripod by Pocket Tripod

Pocket Tripod has introduced a new iPhone holder that folds up and fits right into any wallet.
Sony A7R Shutter Slap Issues

Latest Sony A7R Accessory - A Block of Wood?

Long lens shooters might want to think twice before splashing out on the Sony A7R unless you've got access to some premium timber

Sigma 35mm DG HSM Lens Review - Still Amazing A Year Later

At Photokina 2012, Sigma announced three new lenses in a reorganization of it's lens lineup. Since then, we've witnessed them establish a new confidence and respect in their...

Canon Rebel T5i Review

Nowadays, entry level DSLR does not mean you're only getting basic, limited functions. Canon's latest Rebel T5i is full of desired functions such as 1080P HD movie, touch screen...

Nikon DF Initial Review and Sample Images

Alright folks, we've put the Df through its paces and now that Adobe has finally released a Camera Raw update that allows us to check out Df images in Lightroom 5.3, we're ready...

Give your iPhone, Android, SLR, and point & shoot photos a KICK

Kick, the portable, powerful LED 'studio,' may just be what you need to make all your photos and videos from instagram to those you shoot with a DSLR even better. Kick allows...

Westcott 50'' Recessed Mega JS Apollo First Impressions

Quite a while back I talked about my purchase of a knockoff ebay brand Chinese umbrella softbox. This was (and is still) a great addition to my kit which saved me a ton of money...

PocketWizard Plus X Review

PocketWizard has long been known in the industry to be the leaders in the radio transceiver technology. Unfortunately, their higher-than-average price has made them less than...

Photography Gloves Review

As the weather continues to cool down this winter, many in our community have been asking about the gloves that Pye often wears on his shoots. So we wanted to write up a quick...
canon camera eos-m2

Canon EOS M2 Announced in Asia | Not Coming To USA or Europe?

Canon China and Canon Japan It looks like both Canon China and Canon Japan have made the EOS M2 official on their websites, but I have yet to see any announcement from any...
Nikon D5300 Sample HDR Image

Nikon D5300 Initial Review and Sample Images

When Nikon announced that they would be taking the AA filter out of the advanced beginner DSLR series and giving us their already stunning 24 megapixel sensor in theĀ ...

The Sony a7 & a7R Field Review: History in the Making?

The Sony a7/a7R is probably the most exciting camera of this year. But can this little wonder shake up the industry? We take a look in this our field review.