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Oben 3-Section Aluminum Tripod Review

Looking for a lightweight, portable tripod for on-location shoots? The Oben AC-1321 3-Section Aluminum Tripod might be the right one for you. Check out our full review.

Syrp Genie Timelapse & Video Motion Control Review

For the serious videographer or timelapse photographer, motion is critical in creating content that stands out from the crowd. The Syrp Genie is a robust, highly adaptable...

Sony's A7s - a Low Light Beast With Serious Potential For Video Shooters

We talked about our thoughts on the Sony full frame system just a few weeks back on Gear Talk. Today, I wanted to share Caleb Pike's latest review, which is on Sony's latest...

Vello EXT-CME AF Extension Tube Set - Full Review

I am always looking for ways to get more out of my EOS-M than just for video like I normally use them for. I figured macro photography could be a fun way to play with these...

Our Favorite Neutral Density Filters | Gear Talk Episode 5

ND filters are like M Night Shyamalan movies, most are terrible, but there are a few good ones. Check out this video and article to see what our favorite ND Filters are!

Touring Seattle with the Lumix LX7

Tanya's review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 and sample pics from her trip to Seattle. Is this the perfect point-and-shoot for busy moms?

Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 EF-M Mount - Initial Thoughts

Today, I am going to be sharing my initial thoughts on the new Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85.

A Hands on Look at the Sigma dp2 Quattro: Could This Be the Camera For You?

The DP2 Quattro, like the rest of the DP series cameras, is not tailored to be for everyone’s needs. But it might be for you. Check out my thoughts about it.

The Sony RX1R Hands On | Still Relevant, & The Most Surprising Camera I've Used

First thoughts on spending real time with the RX1R. It's small, it's fixed focal length, it's full frame, and it's horribly expensive. Is it worth it?

Yongnuo 560 III Flash Test With PocketWizards

The Yongnuo 560 III is a great budget flash, but unfortunately it doesn't work well with the Pocket Wizards.

Lumix LX-7 Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

Yes, I'm still on my quest for the perfect point and shoot. Could the Panasonic Lumix LX-7 be the one? Check out my first impression.

The Nikon D4S - Does It Not Live Up To Expectations?

I have been shooting with the D4S for the past month and have had mixed opinions on it. Since I currently own the Nikon Df and D800E, I have been making comparisons between the...