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The Think Tank Modular Component System v2.0 - Gear Review

We check out the Think Tank Modular Component System to see how it can give you quicker access to your lenses and accessories, as well as take the weight off your shoulder.

Impact Octacool-9 Fluorescent 2 Light Kit Review

The Impact Octacool 9 Fluorescent 2 Light Kit from B&H Photo/Video is affordable and puts out nearly 1,000W of light. For $600, you get two octabanks with 9 compact fluorescent...

Canon 7D Compared to Red MX, Alexa, FS700 and more!

What I wanted to focus on was another video that they created as an offshoot of this project which is designed to simply compare how these 6 different cameras (Arri Alexa, Red...

Impressive Results from the new Canon 70D

Probably the biggest feature in the new Canon 70D is the new and improved AF. This new system allows for smooth focus changes, even in video. This all sounds good on paper, and...

Phillip Bloom Reviews the Black Magic Pocket Camera

Black Magic made waves when they announced the Pocket Cinema Camera or BMPCC. They had developed a camera capable of recording high quality 1080 HD video in ProRes 422, which...
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REVIEW: Fiilex P360 - The Advanced, Full-Spectrum LED Light

Fiilex released an advanced LED system studio light that boasts full-spectrum light and the ability to mount any Profoto modifiers. But is this LED light worth the spotlight?

Using the Olympus Pen E-P5 for Travel Photography

I've been a DSLR Photographer for about 7 years with Lin and Jirsa and this was my first experience with a Micro 4/3rds Camera. I was planning a trip to Cartagena, Colombia and...
thor vs hulk

Premiere CC Hardware Performance Guide

In regards to using Adobe Premiere CC, is using two CPU's better than using one? In this article, we test out two of our strongest system builds, "Thor" and "Hulk", to determine...

Kelly Moore Posey 2 Bag Review

Hi. My name is Tanya and I am a camera bag addict. Seriously. Actually, I could just say I'm a bag junkie in general. What woman isn't? Add camera specific features to a...

Capture Camera Clip v2 Review: Better than the Original

The original Capture Camera Clip became wildly successful when it was launched on Kickstarter. There is now a new version of the highly popular camera holster system and we...
tokina 16-28 review

Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 ATX PRO FX Ultra-Wide Lens - Quick Field Review

Spoiler alert!  The Tokina 16-28mm is the sharpest third-party ultra-wide f/2.8 zoom ever.  There,  this review could be done now!  Actually, it's the...

The Vbag - The Anywhere Camera Mount

I recently came across this amazingly simple device called the VBag, which is essentially a mobile camera mount that will fit almost anywhere. The crazy thing is that it is...