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B&H Crazy Deals on Nikon Gear

B&H is known for running some pretty awesome deals from time to time, and today they announced some crazy awesome deals on professional level Nikon gear. You can save $300 on...

CF Cards with Built In RAID Mirroring? It Will Soon Be a Reality

Amulet, a company based in japan, has announced that they are going to be releasing new CompactFlash (CF) cards that comes with RAID style mirroring built into the device....
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New Graphene based Image Sensor – the future to low-light photography?

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have designed a graphene-based image sensor which is 1,000 times more sensitive to light than traditional CMOS or...
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Fiilex Announces 3 New Dense LED Lights at Cinegears 2013

Fiilex is releasing three new LED lights based on their advanced Dense Matrix LED array. Are they

F1.8 vs F1.4 – Which Nikon 85mm is right for you?

The 85mm focal range is arguably one of the best lens lengths for portraits, Nikon makes two 85mm primes that most people look at when looking to but an 85. The questions of the...
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Submit Your Newborn Raw Photos – Win Presets, DVDs and FAME!

We need your help! Submit your best newborn raw photos to help us develop the best newborn photography presets and resources.
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DSLR Photobooth Software Review

DSLR Booth is an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use software for those looking to set up a photo booth. We recommend this software and we have used it ourselves for several...

Canon 50D for Video? Get one while you still can!

According to a post over on EOSHD the 5 year old Canon 50D is now (Thanks to Magic Lantern) a cinema camera capable of shooting RAW 1080 video. That is quite a feat considering...

Photography accessories for Iphone; Useful or just plain silly?

I recently came across a review of Photojojo’s clip-on polarizing filter for Iphones by the guys over at Iphoneography. You can read their review over on their site. It...

New Nikon DSLR Compatible GPS Units Now Available

Hong Kong based di-GPS has introduced two new GPS units compatible with Nikon DSLRs. One unit is designed for professional style DSLRs, and one is for Consumer/Prosumer level...
05.24.2013 2 Comments

GIF-TY camera concept prints little flipbooks for your enjoyment

Remember those animations you used to draw in the corner of your school notebooks? You know, the ones where you draw 50 or 60 frames and then flip the pages to create an...

Save a Lot of Money – Awesome Deals Now Available at B&H

We have been notified about three great deals now available on B&H for your benefit. The first deal is perfect for those of you looking to upgrade to a full frame camera. B&H...