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Langly Simple Bag & Insert | Simple? Yes. Stylish? Yes. Worth Buying?

I have been a fan of Langly camera bags ever since I first reviewed their Decoy bag a while back. In the last month the company announced two new bag offerings; one of them is...
Shot with DxO ONE

Spyder5Studio Review | Getting Your Images Color Controlled From Capture To Print

It's time to start taking yourself and your work seriously by getting a grip on color management. This system is complete from capture to print, and is something you can keep...

Lume Cube | Is This Tiny LED The Perfect Continuous/Flash Combo?

The Lume Cube is a small 1.5" by 1.5" LED that boasts an impressive 1500 Lumen output and Bluetooth technology, but its real trick is that it acts as both a continuous video...

CTRL+Console Lightroom Sorter | Controlling & Culling In Lightroom Transformed

We first wrote about this at WPPI, and happy to say that the finished product is ready to drop. It's rather brilliant and early birds gets 40% off

My Thoughts On the Brevite Bag After A Week As My Daily Driver

Brevite started on kickstarter, and after funding their project, they are now about ready to start shipping the bag out to non-kickstarter orders in January of 2016. I was able...

JPEGmini Reduces File Size By Up To 5x With No Perceivable Reduction In Quality

Few pieces of software have the ability to surprise me this much. This could save you purchasing extra hard drives, cloud storage, lead to faster site and gallery times, and...

Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 Review | Uncompromising Quality

I've been using the Otus 55mm for a few months now, taking this massive camera with me everywhere I went, and I can say it has performed remarkably everywhere I went.

The Evolution Of Camera & Tech Leads To My Next Bag | ONA Bowery For Leica

It's been a long road to get cameras and bags to where we are now. But it's worth it and it's embodied in the direction ONA is going. It's the only other camera bag I use.

Synology DS2015xs | The Most Affordable 10GbE NAS (Yeah...It's Fast)

We have tried pretty much every solution in the book, and in this article, we are going to talk to you about our favorite small business NAS solution, Synology drives.

DxO One | Initial Thoughts On The Tiny & Disruptive Powerhouse

Little, sleek, and powerful. The DxO One brings manual controls with an f/1.8 32mm equivalent lens, paired with a 1 inch CMOS and 20 MP to the palm of your hand, and extends its...

Increase Revenue by Adding a Photobooth Service

As a photographer, by offering more products, you can increase the value of your studio. In this article, I want to show you a Photo Booth that is affordable, easy to use, and...

Topaz DeNoise | Do You Need A Noise Reduction Plug-in?

If you shoot with a camera which is not a high ISO demon (Sony a7S) then a noise reduction plug-in may be for you.