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Lensbaby Sweet 50 Optic Review

The Lensbaby Composer Pro system is a versatile selective focus housing, which can hold any of Lensbaby's optics. The latest of those optics is the Sweet 50.

Canon G7X Initial Thoughts | An S120 Upgrade In A Party Frock?

Canon has killed their S-line and offered up this in its place. Is it worthy of that, and worthy of your affection?

Sony RX1R Full Review | Sony's Skunk Works Dark Horse

You have to have a thick wallet and a thick skin to own one, but what you'll own is something greater than the sum of its parts

Lensbaby LM-10 Official Review

Lensbaby has a long and brilliant reputation as the go to shop for selective focus lenses and this year, they added a way for you to get that same selective focus awesomeness...

Product Photography: $100 Light Blaster - An Alternative to the $3552 Broncolor Optical Spot

As a product photographer, or any photographer, really, you'll see your money being spent on gear and goodies to help you with your craft, so anywhere that you may be able to...

Canon's New 18-135mm 'Kit Lens' Could Be The Best Yet

Kit lenses are usually synonymous with cheap optics, plastic parts, and an overall "meh" in terms of performance. In my testing of the 7D Mark II, which came with Canon's new...

Sigma's New 18-300mm 'All-In-One' May be The Best Travel Lens Yet

I had the chance to sit down with Sigma at PhotoPlus 2014 this last week and had a first hand look at the 18-300mm. Here are my initial impressions.

Sigma 150-600mm Sports, First Impressions

One of the products that I was most excited to be able to try out while at Photo Plus this last week was the new Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Sports lens. In addition to spending a...

Canon 7D Mark II, Hands On Initial Impressions

I was able to get my hands on my review unit of the 7D Mark II while at Photo Plus the last few days and here are my initial impressions.

Can The GoPro Hero4 Black Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Sometimes when new product updates come out, it can be hard to discern if the newer version is different enough to warrant upgrading if you have the previous model. That is the...

King of Compacts: Canon G7x vs Sony Rx100 M3

Canon turned some heads with the announcement of their new G7X a few weeks back at Photokina. The new high-end compact camera was clearly designed to be a competitor to Sony's...

Sirui K40x Ballhead Review: Is this the Perfect BallHead For Your Tripod?

In my quest to find the perfect ballhead for my tripod, I stumbled across the Sirui K40X. What needs does this fill for me? I’ll get into details, but to begin It’s under...