Humpback whale, Vava'u, Tonga

Creating Art with a Camera - Interview with Nature & Cultural Photographer Art Wolfe

Having published almost 90 books and videos teaching photography technique, his images on two U.S. Postage stamps, and hosted his own television series, renowned photographer,...
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Profile of a Sochi-Bound Photojournalist

This February, photojournalist, Leah Hennel embarks on a trip to Sochi, Russia, to cover the Paralympics. I recently had the opportunity to chat with her about work and the...
Killarney National Park, Kerry , Ireland.

PARKLIGHT: Killarney National Park in a New Light

Killarney National Park in the south west of Ireland covers 26,000 acres of lakes, rivers, mountains (the highest in Ireland), valleys and the last remaining pockets of native...

How Behind-the-Scenes Videos Can Help Your Business

Should photographers consider the value of producing behind-the-scenes content ourselves? Could it build your brand and reach your client base in a new way? Is tweeting an...

An Interview with Lifestyle Family Photographer Kate Combs

Fine Art Photographer Kate Combs transitions to lifestyle family portrait photographer by capturing honest glimpses of the relationships between the individuals that make up a...

From Nightmare to Miracle: 72 hours with Conner Allen

This cautionary tale is also the most inspiring thing I've stumbled upon all week, shared to uplift and - if necessary - provide a kick in the pants reminder to protect yourself.
Dave_Kai_Piper_SLRLounge_Interview_By_Ki_Thomas_Photography_09 copy

An Interview with Dave Kai Piper, Portrait & Fashion Photographer

SLR Lounge interviews portrait and fashion photographer, Dave Kai Piper.

NICU Baby Portraits Offer Hope and Healing to Families

Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...That constant beeping. I couldn't take it for one more day. 5 days of those beeping monitors in the NICU was enough to drive one batty. Even...

The Making of YouTube's 'Rewind 2013'

What better way to start of the new year than recapping YouTube's annual Rewind?  A few weeks ago, the boffins at YouTube released a video recapping their top viral...

How A Studio Can Help Your Wedding Photography Business

One of the luxuries of being a full time wedding photographer is being able to work in the comfort of your own home. Washington DC wedding photographer Sam Hurd recently decided...
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Making of: Unto Us - The Nativity Story Set In 2013.

A few days ago Brother Studios - a Finland-based production company specialised in cinematic visual media - released a short movie titled "Unto Us - The Nativity Story Set In...

'Canon Master' Extreme Adventure Photographer Defies Reason

'Canon Master' and 'Extreme Adventure Photographer' Krystle Wright, talks to us about finding inspiration, her gear, traveling to remote locations, severe injuries sustained on...