Meet the Writers: Tanya Smith, Author of the Popular 'Time Out With Tanya' Series

Tanya Smith shares with us how she juggles having three kids, runs a photography business, writes regularly for SLR Lounge, is a consultant for a bag company and does charity...

What Major Publications Go Through & Look For When Hiring Photographers

A follow-up segment on the brilliant interview by a.a.Productions as part of #BehindtheGlass, Brad Smith expands on what it takes to be hired, and also how the businesses think...
every story media

Tips for Making a Family History Video

Lyn Jackson, owner of Every Story Media, shares tips for making a DIY family history video and reasons why you should do it sooner rather than later.
Nathan Ikon Crumpton Split Portrait (2)

A Case Of Split Personality | An Interview with Nathan Ikon Crumpton

At first glance, Nathan Ikon Crumpton’s images look like a crazy computer mishap. But when you look closer, you can see the beauty of two perfectly merged photos into one...

Sleeping Awake | Interview With Surreal Fantasy Photographer Samantha Goss

Samantha Goss is one of those artists that has an eye for the shot and the creativity to make wonders happen. Her surreal photography is often times straight out of a beautiful...

Your Lens Questions Answered By A Zeiss Master

Ever wondered why 50mm lenses are so small compared to other primes? Or why some zooms seen sharper than primes? These answers and so much more are here.

The Soul Of A Farmer | An Interview With Tyler Stableford

Tyler Stableford talks to us about his series, 'The Farmers' - a visual story of working ranchers in Colorado (a project sponsored by Canon)

Meet the Writers: Hanssie, The Queen of Everything & SLR Lounge's Managing Editor

Find out more about the girl who keeps things running smoothing at SLR Lounge in my interview with our managing editor, Hanssie ( The Queen of Everything).

Natural Light Only: A Candid Interview With One of the 30 Most Socially Influential Photographers, Jake Olson

In 3 short years, Jake Olson went from rehab to an award winning internationally recognized portrait photographer. See how he did it.

Can You Trust What's Real? | The Mind Tricks of Robby Cavanaugh

Have you ever looked at an image and thought to yourself.. there is no way that is real. That your mind was playing a cruel trick on you, and as you stare at it trying to figure...

Succeeding in Commercial Advertising Photography | Interview with Georg Roske

For many aspiring photographers, their dream is to shoot huge advertising campaigns for big companies. Georg Roske is someone who's living that dream. Georg took some time out...

The Gear of a High-End Wedding Photographer | John Solano Interview Part 3

High-end Wedding Photographer John Solano talks about his favorite gear with us in this interview!