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Review: Why Every Photographer Should Use Contracts|The Law Tog Portrait Bundle

Making everyone sign a contract was a lesson I learned the hard way. Every photographer should use contracts. In this article, we review the Portrait Contracts Bundle from The...

Essential Photography Equipment Checklist

Forgetting a critical battery, filter, gel, or other piece of gear can have significant effects on your shoot. It's easy to forget small but important items. While we would not...
02.07.2014 3 Comments

Crowd Photo Release Form

Sometimes photographers and filmmakers/videographers will shoot in a public area where people in the background may be captured on camera. It isn't feasible to get every single...
02.05.2014 2 Comments

Model Release Form Template

A model release form is a legal document between you, the photographer and the person or the person who owns the property you're photographing). It is the written form of their...
12.30.2013 7 Comments

The Wealthy Photographer’s Best Kept Secret

Outsourcing your wedding photography workflow could be one of the most important business decisions you make. Here’s a topic that might just be as controversial as the...
09.17.2013 2 Comments

Unique Print Trends Add Value to Portrait Services

In a world where everyone is a photographer, one of the best ways to set yourself apart and add value to your portrait services is to offer unique print products to your...
08.20.2013 8 Comments

Picture Perfect Practice by Roberto Valenzuela

In Picture Perfect Practice Roberto Valenzuela breaks down the craft of photography into three key elements you can use to create world class photographs.
08.12.2013 5 Comments

5 Essential Infographics For The Beginner Photographer

I have a journal that I kept when I started to learn photography. The pages are scribbled with notes and diagrams made while I was trying to grasp the basic functions of my...

5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Photographers

WordPress is a wonderful web platform, it is no wonder it is such a popular choice for photographers around the world. So now that you have your domain and WordPress website up...

Awesome HDR Wallpapers

HDR techniques can create some really awesome imagery. While browsing the web I came across this awesome collection of HDR image wallpapers on The Images are free...

Photography Contract Template

The recent news about the Seattle wedding photographer threatened by a $300K lawsuit has really gotten the photography industry buzzing in the last few weeks. It was a great...

Side Tabs WordPress Plugin Update

We've updated the plugin to be compatible with Wordpress 3.4 We've also added additional funcationality, including the ability to control the widths of the sliding tabs, the...