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Behind The Scenes at SLRLounge | How We Record Our Screen Capture Videos

I want to give you a behind the scenes look at how my studio set up looks and what equipment I'm using.

Mac VS PC - The Photographer's Perspective

The Mac versus PC debate seems to be much more heated amongst photographers, and for good reason. Photographers are (mainly) creative types whose brains are wired a certain...

Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn photography can seem like a scary field of photography. It's one thing to photograph landscapes or pose adults who take instruction, but working with something as...
Setting Up Your Editing Workstation
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Setting Up Your Own Editing Workstation – Ask SLR Lounge Season 1 Ep 3

An important part of this age of digital photography is producing color accurate photos in a comfortable environment. So where do you start? We will point you towards the right...
How to Get Your Subject to Feel Comfortable for a Shoot
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How to Get Your Subject to Feel Comfortable for a Shoot – Ask SLR Lounge...

Not everyone is a professional model, so what does it take for average people take photos like one? We have two simple steps that can really make a difference.
How to Deal with People Getting in Your Shot

How to Deal with People Getting in Your Shot – Ask SLR Lounge Ep1

As a photographer or cinematographer, nothing is worse than having the perfect image ruined by someone stepping into the shot. So how do you deal with situations like these? We...

Should I Buy a Canon or Nikon Camera? The Never Ending Debate

As professional photographers, I think the question we get the most from budding amateur photographers is, "Which camera system should I buy, Canon or Nikon?" While there is no...