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How to Take Your RAW Files from Drab to Fab in 5 Clicks or Less

With the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System, I save a lot of time. I'll show you how to take your RAW files from drab to fab in 5 clicks or less.

How to Create Balance with Visual Weight

Visual Weight is a compositional device used in photography to attract your eye to a focal point. Visual Weight in photographs is influenced by a number of factors, outlined...

5 Speedlight Flash Modifiers You Wish You Had

Tired of taping a 3x5 index card on your flash to bounce the light at events? Here are 5 Speedlight flash modifiers you wish you had in your kit right now!

How to Save Over $1000 With The Lighting 101 Workshop

If you're wondering if Lighting 101 is a good value for your money, consider the cost of the alternative. If this option had been available in 2011, it would've saved me over...
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Five More Rules to Rock Your Photo Composition

There are many ways to create a pleasing photography composition. Here are five more rules to rock your photography composition.

10 Mistakes to Avoid as a New Photographer, Part 2

Don't make the same "newbie" mistakes Tanya made as a new photographer. Read part 2 of her popular article...

Click Away 2014 Conference Highlights

Highlights from Click Away 2014, a photography conference especially for women, include inspiring speakers, gear tests and photo walks. Were you there????
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5 Fundamental Compositional Theories You Should Master

Five fundamental compositional theories you can use to improve your photography. I subconsciously use these every time I shoot, and with practice you can too!

Bolt VB-22 Medium Strobe Review

The Bolt VB-22 might look like something out of a 1930’s horror flick, but this medium strobe packs a monster of a punch.

5 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Photography 101

When SLR Lounge released the Photography 101 Workshop DVD, I was excited to have a beginning class to recommend to my friends, but didn't really think I had much to learn from a...
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How To Sell Stock Photography

Micro stock sites have become go-to resources for designers and marketing firms who need high quality digital images quickly. Could selling your images as stock be an extra...

How to Say 'No' Without Losing Clients

Good customer service is key in our industry. But sometimes it's hard to say no, even to ridiculous requests clients make. Here's my arsenal of communication tips for how to say...