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Aide De Camp Valencia Camera Bag Review

Aide de Camp designs bags to assist and empower women. Check out my full review of the ADC Valencia Travel Tote, the most versatile camera bag I've found yet.

Bizarre Vermillion Cliffs Landscape Sunset - Weekly Edit - Season 2 Episode 6

In today's episode of our Weekly Edit series, we're going to pursue a topic that has been very close to my heart for many years- the pursuit of creative vision, and the idea...
04.14.2014 2 Comments

The Stylish Photographer’s Guide to Traveling Light

Packing for the Perfect Shot: The Stylish Photographer’s Guide to Traveling Light This Summer

Lightroom Mobile Weekly Edit On iPad - Springtime Vintage Photo Shoot

In this week's episode of our Weekly Edit series, we're going to use the new Lightroom mobile app on an iPad!  We'll also briefly demonstrate the process of culling in...
04.07.2014 2 Comments

10 Tips for Creating Better Cell Phone Pics

While the camera phone has its limitations, there are 10 simple things you can do to improve your camera phone snap shots.

Angelica Dass: Mapping the World's Human Skin Tones

Angelica Dass is mapping the world's skin tones, one Pantone color at a time, showing that labels such as red, white, brown and yellow are pretty inaccurate ways to define human...
03.31.2014 2 Comments

5 Tools for Speeding Up Your Photography Blog Workflow

Blogging can be an easy, low cost way to market your photography business and build your brand. Here are a few tools you can use for speeding up workflow and ensuring your...
03.28.2014 3 Comments

8 Fashionable DIY Camera Accessories

Tanya's 8 Favorite Fashionable Camera Accessories You Can Make Yourself (or Buy, If You're Not Crafty)
03.24.2014 3 Comments

Tips for Creating Authentic Portraits in Your Own Back Yard

Tips for creating timeless, authentic portraits in your own back yard.

Click It Up A Notch: The Unexpected Everyday Ebook Review

'The Unexpected Everyday Ebook by Courtney Slazinik will help you document your kids and improve your photography skills along the way.
03.18.2014 3 Comments

Journalistic Portrait - How It Was Shot and Edited

How I shot a journalistic portrait of my niece and how I edited the photo.
03.18.2014 4 Comments

Photography Lighting Tips for Shooting in Tight Spaces

Photography lighting tips for shooting in tight spaces. Don't be at the mercy of bad lighting just because you can't fit your giant soft box in the space.