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Christmas in April: Win an all Expense Paid Trip to the Bahamas!

You can win an all expense paid trip to the Fstoppers Bahamas workshop that covers your flight, hotel, 4 classes, and $300 gear rental.

Flash Giveaway for $1,500 Workshop in the Bahamas!

Only 5 spots left for our workshop and we're giving one away! Here's how to enter: "Comment" on and "Share" this Facebook post Check Back Friday, April 18th, 2014 when we...

Man Gets Kicked In Head While Taking Selfie Next To Moving Train

We have talked about it in the past, how railroads are not safe places for you or your clients to be taking photos. Well, apparently some of you did not realize that this also...
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Model Appears on The Ellen Show to Respond to Target Photoshop Blunder

The target of Target's recent Photoshop fail, model Tanya Marie Keller, appeared on The Ellen Show last week to discuss the widely publicized (and criticized) photo that gained...
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Friday Funny:

Jonpaul Douglass photographs real pizzas in the wild. And it's awesome.

Top Ten April Fools Day Photography Wishlist Items

April Fools' Day in the photography community is always a bit of an odd occasion. Some companies like to prank us with downright silly press releases, such as Three Legged...
03.28.2014 3 Comments

Friday Funny: 10 Ways to Annoy a Photography Snob by DigitalRev

The guys are DigitalRev have brought us this amusing video, that only those that have been around a photography snob would understand - which is just about everybody.
03.22.2014 4 Comments

This Week in Photoshop Blunders: Old Navy, The Limited and More...

This week, a few companies were called out for their Photoshop blunders, opening themselves to criticism and mocking.
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Friday Funny: Model Gets Un-Photoshopped in Time-Lapse Video

After this week's Target Photoshop fiasco, the extreme retouching that is standard practice in the beauty industry came under fire yet again. Photoshop can dramatically alter a...
Friday Funny College Humor Photoshop Hand Hover Tool 1
03.07.2014 5 Comments

Friday Funny: Photoshop's Best Kept Secret!

Photoshop is simply an amazing software that is indispensable for many photographers and retouchers such as myself. One of the reasons why Photoshop is still the defacto...

The Wedding of the Year: Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head

My 3 year old son, Cole knows I'm a photographer and knows I shoot weddings. He really doesn't understand this or isn't the slightest bit interested in the photos I show him,...
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2014 'Best Picture' Oscar Nominated Movies as Reenacted by Kids

For those of you who have missed the the top 9 movies up for 'Best Picture' for the 2014 Academy Awards, the folks at and Cinefix have made a short parody video with the...