Camera Raw Presets Giveaway!

Inspiration April 26th 2013 2:17 PM 254 Comments


Congrats to @JVictorPhoto (via Twitter) and Cassandra Hoffmann (via comments) for winning the Giveaway for the Natural Light Photography Workshop. Please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize!

Now On to the next one! This time, let’s give away our newly released Camera Raw Presets! These have been hugely popular since their release last week. Why? Because they give you all of the features and convenience of the Lightroom Presets by SLR Lounge within Adobe Camera Raw.

[click here to purchase the camera raw presets]

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on Thursday May 2nd, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified within two days of the contest’s end.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 2 additional entries by following SLR Lounge on Twitter and tweeting any of the following:

  • “GIVEAWAY for the New Camera Raw Presets by @slrlounge”
  • “Check out this giveaway for the Camera Raw Presets by @slrlounge”

What If I already own the Camera Raw Presets?

If you already own the presets and you win the contest, you’ll receive a gift credit in the amount of the retail value of the presets.

[click here to purchase the camera raw presets]

What Exactly Do I Get?

The SLR Lounge Preset System for Adobe Camera Raw is a collection of 213 Presets including 186 Develop Presets, 27 Brush Presets, and a set of eight video tutorials to teach you how to get the most from this powerful system!

We are confident that this is the best Adobe Camera Raw Preset System available. It is designed to not only be powerful enough to create any effect, but also intuitive enough to achieve them in just a few clicks saving you boat loads of time!  Features and functionality include:

  • Basic Color Correction
  • Faux HDR Processing
  • Vintage Fades and Washes
  • Black and White and Antique Effects
  • Tilt Shift and Toy Camera Special Effects
  • Detail Enhancing
  • Portrait Retouching
  • and more, the sky is the limit!

Watch this Demo:
[click here to purchase the camera raw presets]



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  1. Roy Martin

    Hi, the weather is beautiful today here in Los Angeles!

  2. osc707

    a) Oscar
    b) You guys rock! Best content for photogs on the net, hands down!

  3. Scott Stevens

    There is a giveaway! But there is no spoon.

  4. DaniLew

    I’ve just discovered this today and loving it so far!

  5. David Olshan

    I just love watching Pye’s videos. So easy to follow and the LR techniques are fantastic. I sure would love to win the preset collection!

  6. johnhphoto

    Love is owning a vw kombi and a nikon

  7. Krieger

    I’m looking forward to trying these presets out.

  8. Adrian Ramirez

    My name is Adrian. I’m importing photos right now.

  9. Karla Petersen

    My name is Karla Petersen. We’ve had sunshine in Seattle for 3 days in a row!!!!!!!

  10. Matthew Edelen

    Matthew Edelen….Just got off work and catching up on SLR Lounge!!

  11. Patryk Koszela

    Patryk Koszela… SLR Lounge you’re the best ;)

  12. Patrick Bongers

    Photography and Surf… Both things that are even nicer in the summer.

  13. Steve Self

    Steve Self. I’m In a waterpark today wishing I had a waterproof slr

  14. Quinton Hurst

    Quinton Hurst. Nothing but rain and more rain here! Awesome giveaway prize!

  15. Jerry Joanis

    This would be great!

  16. Pete Labrozzi

    Thanks SLR Lounge! I’ll be crossing my fingers!
    Pete Labrozzi

  17. Johnny Winn

    John Winn. Greetings from Boise Idaho!

  18. Asia

    Hello, all the way from St. Louis!

  19. Jeffery Kordsmeier

    Jeffery Kordsmeier I am grinding through my day job thinking about what to photograph next…

  20. Chris Kwock

    Chris Kwock, it’s been hot and humid all last night and finally started to rain this morning.

  21. Tony Pardilla

    working on confirmation pics i did on saturday, designing my cousin’s wedding invite, listening to creative live w/ Joey L., reading some f-stoppers articles, and hoping to win these presets :-)

  22. Alicia Simpson

    Alicia Simpson. Its sunny & high 60’s. I would love to win this prize, it would be awesome.

  23. Suzanne Ripple

    Greetings from Ohio!

  24. kashia

    My name is Kashia Vice. I just woke up.

  25. Germille

    You guys are cool, greetings from Aruba,.

  26. Brian Walterich

    hello, from Omaha, Nebraska.

  27. Amelia Catherine

    Nothing like a day shooting in the rain in the Queen City.

  28. Christina Irwin

    Christina Irwin says Hello, tomatoes!!!

  29. Holly Iorio McFadden

    Hi! Cloudy hazy day here in Ohio; great day for emotional pics in a cemetery! TY, Holli McFadden

  30. Dima Shapira

    Hello all the way from Israel!

  31. Amanda Lee Ballard

    I tried to think of a random thought but then it felt forced… So, hello! – Amanda Ballard

  32. Kevin


  33. Dmitry Mokeyev

    Dmitry Mokeyev. Thanks for giveaway!

  34. Scottie Nguyen

    Scottie Nguyen. From Dallas and it’s a gorgeous spring day. Clear blue skies and in th 60s.

  35. Don Nahhas

    Greetings from sunny California, it is currently 73 degrees in Sacramento. Don Nahhas

  36. Ruby Hugo

    Hi from sunny South Africa. Even though it is autumn here we are still having wonderfully warm days.

  37. Molly Butz

    Molly Butz, hanging out in Madison, WI today!

  38. Zipproah Wong

    Zipproah Wong. Its blue sunny sky with light wind!

  39. Ian G

    These are useful!

  40. Erik Gliedman

    Erik Gliedman…Hello from upstate NY.

  41. Kimberly Mills

    Kim Mills thinks presets rock!

  42. Robin

    Hello! My name is Robin. I live in Colorado and I just love ACR pre-sets… they’re so helpful in my workflow! :)

  43. Keri Brecht

    Keri Brecht, LOVING the weather in Iowa today! Perfect for some beautiful photos. :)

  44. Carlos Cabezas

    Hola, Hola from Topeka Kansas, Perfect Weather today 78 presets! =)

  45. rich

    richard Lloyd jones awaiting the winning email would be nice getting it would be better

  46. Kevin Galbreath

    It’s bright and sunny here in Texas

  47. Lee George

    Lee George- Living the NorCal Wine country weather!

  48. Tulsa Troll

    F-R Dubble E is for ME!

  49. michal karbo

    Michal Karbo. Greetings from Wolborz, Poland :)

  50. Connie Martens Bocsik

    Connie Bocsik. What a gorgeous day it is here today.. and after they forecasted rain :) Looking at how the sun light strikes objects, always makes me want to grab my camera and get out shooting.

  51. Covington

    Covington Hanley~ i would totally hang out at Ends of the Earth bar with Walter and Leo.

  52. Kyle Dillon

    Its raining, and I am at work.

  53. Aivo Leppik

    Hello.Taking a break after work And weather is raini :(

  54. Ahmed Yeahia

    Yeahia Ahmed. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

  55. Miss T

    Its been raining here as of late but spring is finally here
    Subscribed on YouTube as LoyalT100

  56. Rick Brewster

    Nice day in the dessert

  57. Amanda H

    I’m excited to get out and use my new lens this weekend!

  58. Miss T

    Follow on twitter as @truthful

  59. Miss T


  60. Rob Krueger

    Rob Krueger here. I fear dolphins.

  61. Raiza

    Raiza V. Teaching high school students is like the hunger games sometimes…. you fear for your life.

  62. Peti Farrell

    Peti F, my son chews on my shoes.. Like a dog. Like a puppy! My puppy dog :-)

  63. Martin M

    The guitar won’t play itself!

  64. Kathleen Thomas

    Kathleen T. It is beautiful here. We were at the beach from 6-8pm last night.

  65. Shelly Loree

    Feels like winter here today – yikes!

  66. Craig Houdeshell

    Agreed. Nice day in the desert.

  67. Ana Rodrigues Just

    pizza tastes better on the outside

  68. Sean Smith

    It’s snowing here today . . . again.

  69. Vu Pham

    Hellooooooo nurse!

  70. James Pruitt

    James Pruitt
    Nice weather in the sun belt today.

  71. Trevor Tegley

    What if DOG really spelled CAT?

  72. VSG

    Name: Varun
    Big hailstorm this weekend here in Houston.

  73. Dianna Coffey

    Someone’s at the door.

  74. karen

    it finally stopped raining :)

  75. Jakob Røjel

    Spring time in Copenhagen

  76. Rob Atkins

    Great, we’re even getting blue sky in Yorkshire today :)

  77. Stevo Kalanj

    I just gave you 32 bytes of data

  78. Jacob Garthwaite

    Jacob Garthwaite, weather is sunny over in Newcastle.

  79. Guy

    at last… sunshine…

  80. R.a. Villena

    contact prints are the proof that I did something wrong

  81. Alysha Boileau

    Hi! I just finished scrubbing my floors and hand washing a few clothing items. I sat down at the computer to see a chance to win something truly fantastic! Thank you! -Alysha Boileau

  82. Michael Kern

    Here it’s just raining all day

  83. Dave McMurrin

    Hello Spring……….finally.

  84. TJ Smith

    Hello! I’m currently studying for finals before I process some earlier work from this past week. I cannot wait for summer.

  85. Bob Terrell

    Bob Terrell…Watching my cat act like a crazy thing with one of his toys, wait that is my sock not his toy… :

  86. Ely

    I am craving some Vietnamese food! … ;)

  87. concepblue

    lemme see summa dem sexy PRESETS! =)

  88. John Hagar

    82 and sunny! good shooting weather.

  89. Guest

    You know the king can dance under water and not get wet.

  90. Robert Hunter

    Duncan Hines was in the toy store.

  91. Basia Kyra Kowalska

    Basia K. In Poland and my camera battery is almost dead!!

  92. The Unheard Voice

    Basia K. In Poland and my camera battery is almost dead!!

  93. Ultraddr


  94. Nicki Panou

    Nicki Panou, no brainwaves or activity

  95. Kiril Devedzhiev

    Kiril Devedzhiev, beer and photoshop on the menu tonight.

  96. CindaGillispieBrown

    Only 70 degrees here. Nice that we have no rain!!!!!!!!!

  97. Loykatos Aggelos

    Old McDonald had a farm

  98. Aaron M Grubb

    my name is Aaron Grubb and just ate an egg….and it’s cloudy here ;)

  99. Serena H.

    Serena H. here. This looks good. Hope I win! Thanks!

  100. Henrik Søby

    Henrik Søby – you might be right, but I like my argument better..

  101. Bert-Jan

    this contest drew my attention just before i wanted to go to bed. Now i am taking some time to enter.

  102. Farelle Flores

    Farelle Flores. Hello from New Mexico! I would love to win! I’ve always wanted to try some presets too. Good luck to everyone!

  103. Gina Lucia Meyer

    Gina Meyer- Nice sunny spring day!

  104. Rob Gomez

    Rob Gomez- I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.
    -Mohandas Gandhi

  105. cassy genereux

    cassy genereux- life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get inside – forest gump

  106. Dana (I chun) S

    Glad I saw this on fb feed

  107. Hipchicki

    Chantel Leach – avocados are one of the best creations.

  108. Lucille Galleli

    Chilly and raining, just perfect weather for some photoshop & LR work :)

  109. JR Walkenhorst

    JR Walkenhorst – San Diego is warming up for a hot summer!

  110. martin

    If cheese is bad milk and blue cheese is bad cheese, what is bad blue cheese?

  111. CF

    Yvonne Kristel – Perth Western Australia; just a quick heads up, as I am already experiencing April 30th its a great day :)

  112. SeanM

    Fantastic set of presets

  113. Terry Mitchell

    Crappy day here … overcast and cool with occasional showers!

  114. cspmom

    Jennifer Pellicone You’ve done it again! Another great giveaway on such a beautiful spring day.

  115. Vishal Gupta

    Awesome! Northern Indian weather… little salty..

  116. Allan Ogilvie

    Get creative, .. become a tourist in your home town!

  117. Andreea

    Andreea Isbinda- at work, with a coffee and a Romanian sun :)

  118. Devin Dymkowski

    Just working on editing down a large bunch of pictures, I need more computer power. Devin Dymkowski

  119. Brian Hall

    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

  120. Kyle Breen

    Kyle Breen, the weather is great in ATL! Would love to win the presets!

  121. Kerri

    The stray cat that isn’t ours just left us a present to thank us for feeding it for the past 6 months and giving it a name. :)

  122. Jordan Rawling

    Jordan Rawling. Lets look at the sand with our eyes and say “hi” to everyone.

  123. jimmyjam5877

    Jimmy Arcade – I miss the mystery of 35mm film photography that, one day, turns into controlled chaos!

  124. David Pérez Canal

    David Perez Canal. Let your imagination is infinite.

  125. Reynardt Badenhorst

    You can eat glass, but trees don’t make good Apple juice. Well, I don’t advise it anyway.

  126. Cricet Jean Gentry

    Jeri Accardo, my random thought would be to….get as many wonderful pictures of my granddaughters as possible. They are both the most photogenic little girls I’ve ever seen!

  127. pablolarah

    Pablo Lara H: Cool!

  128. Greg Riegler

    Greg Riegler, thanks for the giveaway, good luck to everyone!

  129. angelababy2007

    Angela Williams; Gerber daisy’s are the number 1 flower sold on Mother’s Day.

  130. Angela W

    Angela Williams; Gerber daisy’s are the number 1 flower sold on Mother’s Day.

  131. George Enciu

    George Enciu; i’m spending too much time indoors and less time outdoors shooting things

  132. abbyroadme

    Dara Feiler: Good luck to all!

  133. Nathanael Herrera

    Nathanael: Hello world.

  134. Susan Steffen Valladao

    It’s a sunny day in CA and I’m feeling like a winner!

  135. Sarah Coppola

    I’m just learning to do headshots and would love some Camera RAW presets!

  136. Christine Wright

    Christine Wright… I’m still learning everything I can do with RAW, but I’m loving it!

  137. Gregory Burrell

    Greg Burrell. Hello all! Good luck to everyone. Nice day here in NY to go take some shots.

  138. Randy Kepple

    Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest! That my friends, is a rarity! Most days, we are huddled in some dark corner of a cafe sipping our overpriced coffee drinks and plotting to take over the world with our music, software or coffee. :)

  139. John

    Good Luck everyone! Shootin’ in the RAW!

  140. Jade Miles

    Hello there! This is Jade from Northern California. Have a great weekend :)

  141. ValeviL

    Cool Giveaway! :D I love it!

  142. ValeviL

    I tweet it

  143. Molly French

    Molly French: Bright, sunny days are too few in upstate NY.

  144. Albert Huang

    Albert Huang. Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. Ariella Carver

    Ariella Carver: Why does my cat insist on sitting between me and my computer?

  146. twinpea

    Spring is finally here! Time to take out my camera!

  147. Kim Wilhite

    a) Kim Wilhite
    b) i love my cats.

  148. Tim Greathouse

    Tim Greathouse: It’s always sunny in Cleveland.

  149. Leah Nealon

    Leah Nealon
    Random thought of the day…… Where in the heck did the term “Anal Retentive” come from??

  150. Christine Lee

    Christine Lee: The weather in California is great, summer is here!

  151. Adin Softić

    Adin Softic
    Currently it’s the calm after the storm.

  152. Craig Houdeshell

    Craig Houdeshell

    WOW, totally pouring for the last two hours on the east coast of Florida.

  153. Savannah hadden

    Savannah Hadden
    I’m going to an 80s costume party Saturday and I’m super excited for it!

  154. Kelly Kitchens

    Kelly Kitchens~ It is COLD in Central Texas today & was 90 yesterday! Inside editing kind of day today.

  155. Debra Hall

    i love the picture of the swans
    great weather here in Ohio

  156. Trevor Shurtz

    Just upgraded to a 60D and loving this thing so far!

  157. Dave Taube

    Dave Taube

    The person who invented waffles and ice cream was a genius.

  158. Stacey

    Just discovered macro extension tubes today- It’s a whole new world!

  159. Roger Varland

    Excited to put my new D600 through the paces.

  160. John Havord

    John Havord.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder :)

  161. Amanda Grupp

    Today is a great day for a bikeride.

  162. George T

    Hello from sunny Greece!!!

  163. Simon Conroy

    Hi I’m Simon.. Learnt so much on using lightroom from you. Looking forward to learn more about using camera raw & photoshop. Keep up the great work guys

  164. A Muse In Purple

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Isaac Coffy

    Spending this beautiful day in the studio editing photos and designing the website! Love SLR Lounge :)

  166. RaduM

    Watching the sunset and reading SLR Lounge

  167. John Byrne Jr

    Enjoy reading your site. Reading it in Sunnyvale CA.

  168. Hmorgan13

    Hello! Took some great pictures in my yard yesterday!

  169. Amber

    i would lovvvvvveee these presets!! <3

  170. andrew kim

    My name is Andrew Kim and Seattle is finally getting sunnier! No more rainy dark pictures!

  171. Kostas Kissas

    I’m Kostas Kissas and those presets look way too interesting!!

  172. Omardv

    Hi, I’m Omar Donez. I’m pretty sure those presents will help me a lot improving my pictures of this 40 degrees spring.

  173. Kim Silverstein

    Always looking for helpful new tools!

  174. Jakob Røjel

    Relaxing on SLRLounge

  175. Jonathan Shea

    Stuck in meetings

  176. Steve Russell

    Snow Again…

  177. Giovanni Maciocco

    Sleeping and dreaming…

  178. Renabette

    I just took a risk that I never thought I’d take concerning my future and I don’t know how things will go, but I’m excited :)

  179. Tom Christianson II

    Pigs flying south……

  180. Xenia Blanco

    Just came back from a Moku Hanga woodblock printing demonstration by Paul Furneaux. Pretty interesting indeed!

  181. terrellcwoods

    Well it’s fire season here in Southern Cali. Leaving work now the fire is only 10 miles west of my house & moving quickly

  182. Pam Ehrhardt

    We’re finally getting some sunshine here in the PNW!!! Yay!!!

  183. Connie Peterson

    Enjoying warm Chattanooga weather

  184. Candice Montgomery

    It’s a lovely, breezy day in L.A.

  185. sharkbayte

    Its great to be alive!

  186. Mac Peña

    Mac Pena ( it said to include your name so i did it, even though it is posted)

    listening to The Verve – Bitter sweet Symphony while EDITING!

  187. Justin

    whats up bodyevery

  188. Erin Beutel

    Watching a lightroom tutorial!

  189. Tom Winstead

    Without cheese, life would be a mistake.

  190. Erin Schrad

    Instead of dealing with the 485 photos I SHOULD be editing, I’m goofing off here! Maybe if I had the SLR Lounge LR Presets, I’d enjoy editing more. ;)

  191. Andrew Sible

    My name is Andrew Sible, and the weather was great today! I didn’t photograph but instead just enjoyed the sun, it was fantastic!

  192. greyfox24

    My name is Travis Carey and I got a license to kill. You know what time it is, it’s time to get ill.

  193. Gregory Jones

    Greg Jones – wondering all the cool things I could do with the presets!
    Rock on SLRlounge!

  194. Amin Chong

    Amin Chong – weather is gloomy in Malaysia but heart is all shiny if I am the winner!

  195. Kevyn Bryant

    My name is Kevyn Bryant and SLR Lounge is great read for the gloomy weather we have here in Alabama right now.

  196. Mariah Allen

    Mariah Allen-ahhh a coke and a smile :)

  197. Shai Yammanee

    Shai Yammanee – Spring looks like it has finally hit New York. :D

  198. Tina Marie

    Hey, I’m Tina and it’s good to be me!

  199. Aimee Bloomberg

    Aimee here. Sitting here waiting for photos to upload to mpix.

  200. Pavel Gramatikov

    Pavel says good morning from sunny Bulgaria! :)

  201. Elizabeth Scott Pool

    Elizabeth Pool
    The temperature is dropping fast! Yesterday it was 80’s here in Central IL. Now is soooo crisp outside I had to close the windows!

  202. Simon Phillip Morris Johnson

    Simon P M Johnson: Back from a great morning walk with my Camera

  203. Joseph

    Hello, I’m Joseph from the UK. Someone broke the weather…I’ve had a solid week of blue skies and sunlight. What was that rule again…..Sunny 16. Been so long since I needed it, I almost forgot. :-)

  204. Eric Otto

    Hello from the SF Bay Area

  205. Janne Hellmann

    Janne Hellmann, shit, too late.

  206. kayley farley

    Kayley Farley, why is a raven claw like a writing desk?

  207. Alin Ivana

    Alin Ivana, hope I’m still in time ;)

  208. Alin-Constantin Ivana

    Alin Ivana, hope I’m still in time ;)

  209. Lorna Ortiz

    Lorna….out in central Florida where it has rained for the past 3 days!!!

  210. Flo Yeow

    Flo Yeow. I’m finally headed to Europe for the first time in August!

  211. Catherine Dawes

    Catherine Dawes – Hello from the windy Kalahari Desert!

  212. Jaime Brown

    Jaime Brown: Hi, it was a beautiful day here in Nanaimo BC:)

  213. Jim

    Jim Koniar, Hi it is another great day here in the Falls.

  214. Myo Naing

    Myo Naing. Hi, I am from Myanmar. :)

  215. Robert Brock

    Robert Brock, Howdy folks-I think that this is one of the top photog instructional sites I’ve seen. Keep it up ! !

  216. Victor Galbraith

    Beautiful Morning here in northern ca.

  217. ViaNova Photo

    Who said hdr images always look like they should include at least one unicorn?

  218. sneska

    Still too much snow here in NW Wisconsin.

  219. Pedro Sanchez

    contest ends same day it starts?

  220. max

    Raining cats and dogs in Georgia….

  221. Alexandros Tolios - Zisos

    Peace. Love. Happiness.

  222. Toby

    Looking forward to some new projects this summer.

  223. Moona Bokhari

    Moona Bokhari and I’m from alpharetta, GA! The Peach State :)

  224. Sue FitzGerald

    I love really grainy sour dough bread

  225. Piotrek Kordyś

    Greetings from Rzeszów, Poland

  226. Louis van Zyl

    “For me the printing process is part of the magic of photography. It’s that magic that can be exciting, disappointing, rewarding and frustrating all in the same few moments in the darkroom.” – John Sexton

    Getting colder here in sunny South Africa. These presets will definitely come in handy when processing images with our warm golden African light.

  227. pandnz

    Starting my day with drinking a banana smoothie as I read your newsletter

  228. RamySong

    Just scheduled my carpel tunnel surgery :( not looking forward to being away from the camera for a few weeks.. what will I do without my camera in hand??

  229. David Dance

    there is a fine line between desire and obsession…
    david dance

  230. Shannon C.

    Hola! Bill Burr is hilarious. Angry, but hilarious. Just sayin!

  231. Stuart F

    Ahoy hoy! I like corned beef! Is that random enough?

  232. odayja

    J. O’Day. And Cabbage!

  233. NGhia

    Nghia. Happy birthday!

  234. Sharron

    Here in Oz we need all the help we can get :)

  235. Michael Velardo

    Good afternoon. Getting ready to toast my T3i and buy a 70D.

  236. Karen Cheung

    Karen. I’m glad my shift is over, because my patients are crazy!

  237. Asad Qayyum

    Hi from London. Lovely day here especially since it’s been my last day at work. Off to the Middle East and immerse myself into my first love, Landscapes. These presets would be incredible. :)

  238. Erwan Erwan

    hi there Erwan, from reunion island, sunny out there !

  239. Hannu Siika-aho

    Wish me luck!

  240. Danial Dunn

    if i win this i will dance naked in the shower…. because no one should have to see that….

  241. Don Weber

    Hi, I’m Don.

    It’s incredibly hot here in Texas!!!

  242. Dalibor Tomic

    Nice :)

  243. Fabien Theissen

    Theissen Fabien

    Well, what’s there to say? SLR Lounge rocks!

  244. Stefanie Gallagher

    Stefanie G
    Will the Bulldawgs have a perfect season?

  245. Daniel van Driel

  246. Les Moyle

    Nice start to summer in the best city in the world. Perth Australia

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