Beautiful Ethereal Photos of Colorful Forests by Janek Sedlar

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Janek Sedlar is a Czech-based photographer who has truly managed to bring the natural wonders of the forest into life. By focusing in on hazy and colorful compositions, the artist captures our attention with these enchanting scenes. In the collection, entitled Forest and Trees in Colors, Sedlar finds ordinary moments and transforms them into extraordinary worlds.

Drawing on the natural environment, Sedlar captures the leaves on trees as they turn colors during the autumn season. He then digitally enhances many of his photographs with modified colors and saturation, and the final products are otherworldly:

See more of Janek’s work here.



Lauri Laukkanen, is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in creative portraiture, fashion and sports photography. People usually describe his style as cinematic, creative and sometimes a tiny bit crazy. He was recently awarded with the WDP 2012: Photographer of the Year -award, and his work has been featured all around the internet, including, Vogue etc. View his portfolio here:

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    Beautiful colors and tones.

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