Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Portraiture.

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Phlearn Pro – Create a Fantasy Character {Review}

Aaron Nace runs through his processes for retouching, cutting out, stylizing and compositing to create this stunning image.
02.09.2014 12 Comments

How We Shot It - Real-Estate Photography

I recently was commissioned to photograph a house based in the Richmond area here in the UK. The property is over 2700sqft and is selling for £1.7m. The property has 5 bedrooms...
Real-Estate Interior Photography
09.03.2013 14 Comments

Real-Estate or Interior Photography

As a real-estate photographer, you do have to deal with ethical choices on a daily basis. With the power of Photoshop, creative lighting and angles, we could be misrepresenting...
08.27.2013 One Comment

How We Shot It - Night Wedding Portrait

My friend’s already had their official portraits taken earlier in the day by the official photographer, but they also wanted a few more around the venue at night. By sunset,...
03.11.2013 5 Comments

NEWS! Talk about ‘Capturing The Moment’ – Epic Engagement Photos!

Matthew Hartman decided to surprise his girlfriend Elisabeth with a proposal she would never forget!
BT Tower Pano
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INSPIRATION! New Record Breaking Panoramic Shot! Taken from the top of...

Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills ( came together to break the record for panoramic images!
Northrup Review 2
02.06.2013 11 Comments

REVIEW! Tony Northrup’s – Stunning Digital Photography ¦...

I stumbled across Tony Northrup’s Channel early last year and immediately subscribed to his channel after watching one of his videos. Through these videos, I discovered that...
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Is This The Greatest Image On Earth? 360 Panorama From The World’s Tallest...

The image was taken from the very top of the tallest building on earth, Dubai’s Burj Kahlifa. This is the same building that Tom Cruise was climbing in “Mission Impossible...
01.23.2013 2 Comments

NEWS! Nikon Image Space ¦ Wednesdays with Leo

Nikon’s my Picturetown was their first attempt to create a photo sharing platform. Even as a Nikon shooter I had never heard of this service.
01.16.2013 6 Comments

How We Shot It: Hong Kong Peak

I discovered the Hong Kong Peak by watching the infamous DRTV videos and their various reviews and camera tests which had taken them up to the Hong Kong Peak at times.
01.09.2013 6 Comments

Is Photography Dying? The UK’s largest camera retailer is at least! ¦...

With camera phones improving their technology, everyone effectively has a camera in their pocket which is definitely taking away from the ‘point and shoot’ market, and with...
01.07.2013 7 Comments

NEWS! Adobe Creative Suite CS2 for Free?

The news for the Adobe Creative Suite CS2 spread like wildfire; unfortunately this is not the case.