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I’m a photographer and filmmaker based in Southern California. When I’m not taking photos I enjoy burgers, cats, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

03.18.2014 3 Comments

Journalistic Portrait - How It Was Shot and Edited

How I shot a journalistic portrait of my niece and how I edited the photo.
01.30.2014 One Comment

Light Masterpieces With Tackyshack

Tackyshack creates some of the most amazing light paintings we have ever seen.
christopher nolan 6000 budget
01.23.2014 5 Comments

How Christopher Nolan Made A Feature Film With $6000

Where Do You Start? We live in a technical time of opportunity. For $6,000 you can buy a capable DSLR set up, decent audio equipment, make a movie, and share it with the world...
01.17.2014 43 Comments

Why Film Is Still Better Than Digital

Shooting film nowadays seems like a novelty reserved for grandparents and hipsters, but does it still hold its ground in a world where everything is digital?
01.15.2014 27 Comments

Ditching The DSLR for Mirrorless

Shooting mirrorless for the first time proved to be a life changing experience
01.15.2014 One Comment

The Proposal 200 Years In The Making

What happens when your girl friend was an English Lit major and loves Pride and Prejudice? Well instead of putting a ring in a Jane Austen book, Reddit user ByTingo's boyfriend...
01.04.2014 No Comments

Beautiful Cityscapes Captured With A CellPhone

It just goes to show that you don't need super expensive camera equipment to capture what you vision. Sometimes all you need is a rainy day and a camera phone.
01.02.2014 2 Comments

AP Photographer Collapses, Dies After Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game

longtime Associated Press photographer Dave Martin dies while shooting a football game
filmvsdigital copy
12.23.2013 9 Comments

Can You Tell The Difference Between Digital and Film?

Joey Shanks made a stop motion comparison on digital vs film using a Canon 5D Mark II set at ISO 400 and a Canon 7E using Fuji 400 stock
12.20.2013 15 Comments

Crane Operator 2000ft High Brings His Camera To Work

Wei Gensheng is one of the crane operators for the Shanghai Tower and he captures extraordinary images from his unique vantage point above the city.
85mm f/1.2
12.19.2013 2 Comments

How To Create Amazing Bokeh With Any Camera and Lens

It's Christmas Time! This time of year there are plenty of Christmas light decorations everywhere, it's basically bokeh heaven. I'm going to show you how to create amazing...
12.18.2013 35 Comments

How The 85mm Saved My Portrait Session

My Hesitation Buying an 85mm I had considered buying the Canon 85mm f/1.2 II for many years, but I just couldn't justify it, especially since I already owned the Canon 50mm...