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Freebies and Fun September 19th 2013 11:18 AM 44 Comments

Congrats to Taylor Daugherty for winning this contest! We have tried to contact you, but please email us at [email protected] to claim your prize.

If you have checked out our Youtube Channel lately, you may have seen Pye wearing T-Shirts from Dodge and Burn. We’re giving away their latest one in this week’s giveaway.



Camera T-Shirt Description

This tee pays homage to some of the great American photographers. They have pioneered new ways of looking at the world – from the earliest ever published fashion photos by Edward Steichen to the gritty New York City subway photographs of Bruce Davidson. We know this list isn’t complete, but it represents our best crack at choosing at choosing America’s best. What do you think?

– Made and printed in America
– 100% fine jersey ring-spun cotton
– Color: White
– Available: M and F | All Sizes

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below on who they think we got right and who we left out of the list of “American Classics”.

To make it easy for us to contact you, please use your website or email in the URL of your comment. If not, you will have to check back here at the contests end to see if you won.

That’s it! We’ll select 1 random winner (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on October 18th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified within two days of the contest’s end.

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What Do I Get?

Win a womens or mens T-Shirt in any size shipped anywhere in the world.

Where can I find more Giveaways and Contests?

You can find more contests and giveaways on SLR Lounge in our Freebies and Fun Category.

Does Dodge and Burn Have Any Promotions?

Dodge & Burn wants to show some love to all it’s international customers by offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING this week. This is your chance to stock up on some great classic camera tees without without breaking the bank. Here are the details:

We will offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide starting Tuesday September 17th until Friday September 19th. This offer also applies for domestic purchases within the US. Use the discount code “SHIP” during checkout when making your purchase.



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  1. Alex

    seems the list is right

  2. Mike

    The list looks good, but I would also add Adams to it.

  3. Marlo W

    I am loving the work of Vivian Maier. Even though she’s just burst onto the “recent” scene, her work is exceptional.

  4. Adin Softic

    shirt would look better if on it were Adams

  5. Dino

    Where is Ansel Adams ?!

  6. Travis broxton

    Roy decarava and Ralph Gibson

  7. M.

    List is good, though I agree re Adams and maybe even adding Stieglitz, Edward Curtis, or even Matthew Brady. But, as with any list, ymmv.

  8. LY

    William Klein.

  9. Doug Gandle

    Definitely need Ansel Adams on there.

  10. Karin

    the list is good

  11. Ally

    I like it as is, but I personally would add Leibovitz, Lange, and Adams!

  12. David

    Great as is but, as others have said, I’d add Adams and Leibovitz. McNally might be considered by some to be a bit of a stretch for this list but I love his work too much to not vouch for him.

  13. John Lamano

    Leibovitz and Adams ?!

  14. Taylor

    The List is pretty spot on but, like others said, Ansel Adams should be on the list. Plus, let’s not forget Richard Avedon!

  15. Andrew Mitchell

    Seems spot on to me.

  16. Eric Lee


  17. Harriette

    Ansel Adams, for sure.

  18. Tammy

    Sally Mann would be a good add.

  19. Jennifer B.

    Ansel Adams

  20. Jc Loh

    So far so good.

  21. Edward B.

    That list is is obviously missing me! I’m off to become one of the best American photographers. Just you wait and see!

  22. Shelley Mc

    I’m pleased with this list.

  23. Melissa Gerhart

    looks great!! i love it!!!

  24. Justine

    the list is great :)

  25. Madison

    The list looks good!

  26. pritpal dhamrat

    oooooooo la la la … t-shirt … it

    • pritpal dhamrat

      love it man love it……love to wear it

  27. Victoria S


  28. Nadezda

    I’m happy with the list

  29. Marianthi Kariki

    That’s it …good job!!

  30. Barb Myers

    love to win

  31. Bea Myers

    love to win

  32. David Chaille

    I have to admit that I haven’t got a clue as to these names.

  33. Kristi Bonus

    I absolutely have to second the ansel adams suggestion.

  34. Reecy

    ARBUS??? REALLY???? Did you just pick her because you felt you HAD to choose a woman or did you just pick the first woman on the list of pioneering women? Eve Arnold was so much more noted paving the way for women in generations later. She was the first woman to join Magnum. All her work with Monroe… come on now. Agree also ADAMS should’ve been on there too.

  35. sandy weinstein

    ansel adams and annie lebowitz

  36. Carol McAlpine

    American Classics! Ansel Adams should definitely be there, along with Lebowitz. Might have missed the mark with Arbus.

  37. loretta kozemchak

    the list looks good

  38. Anne Meier

    The list is good but I have to agree with many others….ansel adams belongs there.

  39. Stacey Damon

    Weston is right!!!! I would love Cunningham on there too!!!

  40. Barb Myers

    love to win one please

  41. Kurk Rouse

    Congrats to the winner

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